Biz Adelaide will be returning in 2018 with a new look and style.

What we do!

So, you are looking to increase your business and rise above your competitors. To increase sales, profits and gain more time for yourself. Then we have a concept for marketing in the modern age of electronic media. Biz Adelaide can help you build your business profile thus more potential customers will be aware of your products and services. We do this with web TV by putting your segment on line and promoting you direct to potential customers.

Here’s how!

Biz Adelaide is a web video segment 2.5 minutes in duration where you can promote your business and services to the community and potential customers for one month. During that month you may use the video in email, on social media or embed into your web site.

Biz Adelaide is hosted by the show’s co-creator, Graeme Goodings.

Biz Adelaide will give you the opportunity to:

  • Build your profile and sales opportunities
  • Boost community awareness of your business and products
  • Make potential customers familiar and choose to spend with you
  • Introduce new products and services

The segment will be on line from our web site and you can embed the segment in your site and on social media.

Best of all your first appearance on Biz Adelaide will be FREE! That’s right FREE!

As an introductory offer until March 31st 2018 we’ll put your segment up for FREE. As mentioned above, for one month your segment will be available on our web TV channel and you can embed it in your web site and use it on social media.


Use our BOOK A SEGMENT FORM or just call 08 8325 2746.

Biz Adelaide is a production of Graeme Goodings and David Hales, the Video Professionals.